Client Testimonials

"AC was an invaluable resource to our family, especially to our daughter. The service we received was efficient, effective and very, very reasonably priced. I highly recommend Alex and Joel to any student interested in achieving an acceptance to a competitive school or program.”

“The admissions consulting service provided by Alex and Joel exceeded all of my expectations! With the help of exceptionally thorough and experienced consultants I was admitted to the program of my dreams. The friendly staff provided step-by-step support throughout every aspect of the application process. I strongly recommend their admission consulting service to all students hoping to gain acceptance to the school of their dreams!”

"Alex was crucial not only to my first choice, Waterloo engineering acceptance, but also to the other programs that required supplementary applications. I definitely could not have done it without his advice and great availability."

"They were such a great help to me! I couldn't have been as successful without their help. I recommend Alex and Joel to everyone who is stuck on how to attack their application. You won't be let down!"

"We are happy with your exceptional services. My son learned a lot while having the essays reviewed with the team. You both provide incredible and invaluable professional insight."

"We have received fantastic services from Alex and Joel, and our daughter has got her dream school's offer. Again, thank you very much and all the best!"

"The admissions consulting service provided by Alex and Joel exceeded all of my expectations! With the help of exceptionally thorough and experienced consultants, I was admitted to the program of my dreams, Queen's Commerce, along with Western's Richard Ivey School of Business. The friendly staff provided step by step support throughout every aspect of the application process. I strongly recommend their admission consulting services to all students hoping to gain acceptance to the school of their dreams!"

"This is an incredible resource that allowed me to succeed in my university application process. The consultants walked me through a very easy and simple process that allowed me to perfect my essays and application. They not only helped with the application itself, but the consultants were invaluable resources. They were people I could talk to who were actually at my dream programs so I was able to have a first-hand experience at those schools. They were so helpful and easy to use and cannot see why everybody doesn't use this service."

"I cannot thank you enough for your assistance in attaining acceptance to Queen's Commerce and Rotman Commerce. I could not have done it without you. Right from the beginning you made me feel like I had known you for years. We had a few laughs, but more importantly you played a huge role in pulling out all in intricate details of my life that I never would have thought were important. Overall it was a great experience and I cannot thank you enough."

"I am so impressed the level of expertise and professionalism I experienced in dealing with the team. We worked with Joel and he is truly amazing. I was a little skeptical in talking to them about my daughter's needs. My initial one hour Skype conversation with Joel was so informative I knew she couldn't lose.  She did in fact gain acceptance to Queen's Commerce in April, and Rotman Commerce in May. I cannot thank you enough for helping daughter realize her dreams of acceptance to two outstanding university programs."

"Joel and Alex are both knowledgeable, helpful and a great source of comfort in the overwhelming time of university applications. I would recommend their services to just about anyone writing a supplementary to one of Canada's top schools. They have a deep knowledge of the admissions process and will pinpoint key areas of needed improvement in your application. Even if you are confident in your own judgement, having a second opinion from them could mean the difference between acceptance and rejection."

"Alex did an excellent job helping me out with my application to Rotman Commerce. Alex was very helpful and profound in his knowledge and I was amazed by the quick response time. I can wholeheartedly recommend the team if you wish to pursue a top degree course in Canada."

"Alex and Joel provides a comprehensive and affordable admissions consulting service. The team will go through the step-by-step process to help you pick out all intricate details of your life. With the help of them, you will be able to form powerful personal statements that will reveal to the admissions team a deeper side of yourself."

"External editing is an essential part of writing any great essay. Friends and family sometimes can't provide the insight required for you to write your best application essays. They offer a highly personalized and well-focused framework through which you can communicate your own ideas more effectively than you thought possible. It's truly an exceptional service."

"I am very happy with the service that Alex and Joel offered. They helped me a lot with my future showing me different ways and options to reach my goal. The fact that they answered my emails quickly impressed me, it was always a matter of minutes for me to receive an answer throughout our thorough consultation process. Great service. I would strongly recommend it!"

"They drew things that I did not think were important up and out of my life and onto the page. The process  was very efficient, respectful, and beneficial and I never found myself waiting for a response. Help was provided quickly and in a professional manner, and without a doubt I would've not been able to create my application the way I did without their help. Pieces and parts of my life were all pulled together, and I believe it left me with a final application that truly reflected who I am as a student. The most unique thing about the experience was being able to have a professional available at any time for a second opinion or to double-check a piece of your work that essentially can decide the path of the rest of your life. I would highly recommend their services to anyone interested in applying to a competitive university program! I appreciate all the expert advice I was given and cannot thank you enough!"